Ballistic Speyline

  Ballistics - The art of designing and accelerating projectiles to achieve a desired performance.

   Ballistic Speylines are designed to provide the ultimate flight and power transfer characteristics for the beginner and the professional caster.  Each series is designed by proportional modeling so the flight and roll of the line is consistent from one line weight to another.

  Ballistic “Express II” Series –

   Shooting head (scandi-style) line designed for ease of casting and excellent shootabilty. Accepts a looped Ballistic Running Line connection;  Great for underhand style casting and a blast to cast. Superb for tight and technical fishing situations as well as cast and strip fishing.

  Ballistic “ Vector”  Series –

   Shortbelly Speyline designed for ease of casting, excellent shootabilty, powerful turnover, and highest application to most fishing situations. Has integrated sixty five foot running line for seamless shooting and retrieval;  Great for all styles of casting.  Superb for most fishing situations and a great first speyline for beginners .

     Designed for Ultimate Performance

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